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Celebrating 15 years!

Speno Personal Fitness Studio is dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals , recover from injury, and increase your daily activity in our personalized, studio setting. I'm open when you need me - the first personal training sessions start at 6am! You can shower right here at the studio and then head to work. If evenings are more your thing, I have training sessions available so that you can fit in a personal workout before heading home.

Make a Positive Change!

Your fitness level and ability to move from place to place in your daily life is so important to your health and happiness. Training with a Functional Movement Specialist helps you become stronger and avoid injury. Isn't that what we all need?

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Your first visit will focus on you and your fitness needs. A Functional Movement Screen will be conducted and recorded so that we can discuss your strengths and focus areas. The Functional Movement Screen helps me learn how your body moves so that the personal training I design for you will…


Personal fitness programs are designed to complement the proper functional movement patterns of your body to increase strength, reduce pain, and prevent injury.  Your personal fitness program is not about heavy lifting.  It is focused on the proper technique required to lift weight without injury. Proper weight training creates strong…

ball against the wall

After my second stay at the hospital for cardiac issues, I finally stopped kidding myself.  At 43, overweight and unhealthy, I knew my sedentary lifestyle and poor nutritional choices were shortening my life.  So, I decided it was time for some changes.  The most important of those decisions was reaching…